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Bharata Tirtha II

An international webinar entitled Bharat Tirtha-I was organized by IIT Kharagpur in November 2020. It brought into one fold important speakers and experts on Indian Knowledge systems. The overall deliberation snd particularly, the theme movie of Bharat Tirtha-I created a ripple across the nation:

BHARATA TIRTHA: A VIDEO on Indian Sciences and Technology by IIT Kharagpur Nov 2020

The Ministry of Education, Government of India was happy and impressed and granted IIT Kharagpur, the mother of IIT system, an authority to open up a first Centre of Excellence on Indian Knowledge Systems.

Today, the Centre has been initiated with synoptic and thematic galleries, with various academic spaces along with a pool of core faculty, associated faculty and research scholars. With new goals in the horizon, the Centre has taken the next step to organize Bharat Tirtha-II in association with IHAR, Houston and India and in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

About IKS

Since year 2000, a few professors of the Institute in different capacities and interest have had catered to different domains of IKS pursuits. As a cumulative result of these efforts, finally the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India, recognized IIT Kharagpur and had awarded a grand Megainitiative, the first of its kind, to IIT Kharagpur. Other IITs gradually followed. The name of the initiative was called ‘The Science and Heritage initiative’ or acronym SandHI.

Within a period of 5 years (2013-19), having a total of 19 projects, Sandhi IIT Kharagpur paved a new way of looking at Indian Knowledge Systems.

SandHI had concentrated on three deep sciences, namely 1) Language systems, 2) Music systems and 3) Design/ Iconographic systems. It then forwarded another funding for a vertical on exploring another three domains in
1) Indian Philosophical systems of care, 2) Philanthropy and unconditional charity, with a special focus on 3) Scientific advancements in meditation and Yoga. It also utilized a set of case studies to carry out the experimental base. One was Project Varanasi that drew major international attention.

Additionally, it had funded a set of grounded projects in Kolkata looking at historical reexploration and new chronological pathfinding along with a focus on the traditional continuity of India’s Culture Industries, Creative Economy and the associated livelihood of its artisans, craftsperson, and builders. These projects gathered very important significant attention of the top administration of the country.

Key Objectives

The operational objectives are two, and they are as follows:
  • The principal objective of this International Conference is to have multiple strands of PANEL DISCUSSIONS based on THEMES initiated by 1-2 experts, as a part of the Panel.
  • The second objective is to have 3-4 rounds of discussions under EACH PANEL DISCUSSION to best arrive at directions of research, publications and dissemination of a few selected domains of Indian Knowledge Systems.
With the two objectives under one fold, the Conference welcomes all expertparticipants to

  • Briefly deliberate with a minimum number of WORD PPT slides (5 – 7 slides maximum) focusing on a particular theme or concern and
  • Encourage maximum rounds of discussion in the PANEL

All sessions shall be recorded and the Conference Proceedings based on ‘Dialogues under PANEL DISCUSSION’ shall be published as an authentic document.

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Prof. Joy Sen

(Chairperson, CoE-IKS)
Email: joysen@arp.iitkgp.ac.in | Contact: +91 – 9830471984

Prof. Somesh Kumar

Professor Mathematics

Dr. Dipesh Vinod Katira

Assistant Professor

Dr. Richa Chopra

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jayashree Aanand Gajjam

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mahesh K.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Arnab Kumar Hazra

Junior Superintendent (Museum)

Research Scholars

Anurag Aman Kaushal

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Mitali Mishra

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Krishna Kumar

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Nandini Mukhopadhyay

+91 – 8981609210

Bulton Roy

+91 - 9641890607

For All Logistics and Travel, Please Contact

Dr. Arnab Hazra

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Dr. Arnab Hazra

(Research Scholar) | anuragkaushal16@gmail.com | +91 - 7024324740

Bulton Roy

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