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Meant For Whom & Eligibility

Teaching faculty of universities and colleges across all academic disciplines as part of the Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) guidelines laid by UGC-HRDC. Certificates of Completion will be provided at the end of the program subject to the fulfilment of the terms and conditions laid by UGC-HRDC.

Participants not from HEIs or from HEIs but not fulfilling the UGC-HRDC eligibility criteria can also participate. They will be awarded the 'Certificate of Participation' which will not be a part of the Career Advancement Scheme of the UGC-HRDC. Those who are interested participants may send a mail request to the FDP_IKT: RMP 2022 organizers for proceeding with their registrations and all programmatic related modalities.


Registration Fee: INR 1180/- (includes GST @18%)

Registrations close by: 24 Nov, 2022, 11:59 pm (IST)

Venue: IIT Kharagpur

Register at:

*applicable only for teaching faculty from HEIs and in case of cancellation, deposit amount paid is non-refundable)