There is a popular misconception that India’s knowledge is mostly restricted to disciplines that involve speculation and imagination. Nothing can be farther from the truth. India’s knowledge as contained in what is perhaps the world’s largest body of intellectual texts, is primarily and essentially empirical and not restricted to ‘theories in the text’ but closely interwoven with the lived lives of people. As such from the beginning, thought about both what is observable and what can only be experienced has produced in the process of cogitation a large number of philosophical and imagination-based vidyās and also hard sciences dealing with the material reality, the earth and the cosmos.

It is in order to dispel this widely shared bhrānti about India’s knowledge being divorced from the observational sciences, the CoE-IKS, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Kharagpur brings the ‘Faculty Development Programme 2022 about India’s Knowledge Traditions – bhārata kī jñāna paramparāyen: Recovery, Positioning and Mainstreaming (FDP_IKT:RPM 2022)’ with reference to ‘Science and Technology’ - which very often has been the pioneering science that generated foundational concepts that underpin and inform what is called modern science.

FDP_IKT:RPM 2022 hopefully will also communicate and explain as to why and is India fast becoming ātmanirbhar in civil, urban, peace and war technologies. We believe that this endeavour will support and strengthen the Government’s resolve to create ātmanirbhara bhārata The programme also is intended to bridge the gap between the vision of an IKS centered education espoused by National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) and the levels of awareness, preparation and competency required to accomplish the same.

Third in the sequel, this residential FDP_IKT: RPM 2022 is in continuation and builds on the foundations laid by FDP_IKS 2020 and FDP_IKS: STCP 2021, organized by the Dept. of Contemplative and Behavioural Sciences at Sri Sri University (5 - 19 Nov, 2020); the Rashtram School of Public Leadership, Rishihood University (16 Nov – 7 Dec, 2021) & is being staged to be an annual event – the baton of which can be held each year by different Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) and stakeholders to enable the institutionalization of IKS based education.